SCULPT -Realborn® Preemie Thomas Awake Thomas Awake is one of the first Open-Edition Realborn® Kits. A Realborn® is a Real Baby Replica, created directly from computer photo metric scans of a precious real newborn baby.

Birth Certificate – come with a Certificate of Authenticity,This certificate has a picture of the real baby and actual footprints, created from the scans of the real baby

About 17 inches long
and 3/4 vinyl arms and full legs
Body – doe sued body
Hair – rooted with pixie kissed mohair
Eyes – open , Victorian blue eyes
eyelashes -yes
clothing size – new born or preemie closes
Belly plate – no

I will sent your Baby home with ……….

Blue knitted jacket

white   pants

pink onesie

scratch mitts

pink and white knitted outfit

2 x disposable nappies
baby blanket

birth certificate/ care instructions


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